The Brand

Athletics Footwear is a footwear concept positioned at the intersection of nostalgia and innovation.

The brand explores the binary of form and function, paying equal attention to style and performance.  

Cutting-edge technology is applied alongside historical knowledge to create and reiterate pure products.   

The ONE and ONE.2 focus on silhouette, lifestyle and city: fundamental considerations in the evolution of any sneaker, and a foundation from which to create gradual shifts maintaining the ‘classics’ approach central to the Athletics Footwear vision. 

The Team 

Rejecting hype and the cult of personality.

Athletics Footwear is the brainchild of a Global collective:

Footwear innovators, fashion and design industry professionals with the common goal of recalibrating the value system of contemporary footwear.

Established in London in 2018, Athletics Footwear is designed in Portland Oregon and developed in Amsterdam & Hong Kong, with creative direction from Berlin and Paris.